Exhibition A is thrilled to unveil “Baby, These are Diamonds Not Tears,” a mesmerizing edition by the artist duo Velvet Other World. A testament to their innovative spirit, this UV print radiates from a mirrored surface, framed by a meticulously laser-engraved border. The piece is exquisitely punctuated with Swarovski crystal embellishments, creating an interplay of light and texture that echoes the duo’s exploration of identity and its theatrical manifestations. Josh Allen and Katrina Pisetti of Velvet Other World are celebrated for their captivating use of costume to construct alien archetypes that traverse the traditional confines of form and identity. Their artistic journey, often mapped out on charcoal and paper, ventures into the realms of the dramatic and the veiled, crafting personas that invite us to look beyond the surface, into a world where revelation and concealment dance together in a compelling visual narrative.