In the captivating edition Holographic Refraction, Jen Stark invites us into a mesmerizing world where light, color, and form intersect in a dance of optical illusion. This UV print on 220gsm Holographic Paper, enhanced with spot varnish, is a limited edition of 150, each piece signed and numbered by Stark. Inspired by the whimsical interplay of light refraction through a glass of water, Stark’s design mimics the fluidity and distortion of a liquid lens. Colors ooze through intricate patterns, akin to a vibrant, flowing substance. Stark’s fascination with holographic color and light is vividly evident, creating an artwork that shifts and shimmers, offering multiple perspectives and layers of interpretation. Jen Stark’s artistic vision is deeply rooted in the exploration of visual systems reminiscent of natural phenomena and sacred geometries. Her work is a blend of optical seduction and perceptual engagement, creating organic structures that echo the intricate patterns found in nature. From interactive projections to innovative NFTs, Stark harnesses a range of materials and technologies to produce kinetic effects and immersive experiences. Holographic Refraction embodies this ethos, drawing on the principles of sacred geometry and color theory to transport viewers into an alternate realm of organic abstraction and spiritual resonance.