This edition offers a rare glimpse into a seldom-seen aspect of Moreland’s artistic practice – the creation of maquettes. Maquettes, small-scale models or preliminary sketches, are crucial in Moreland’s process, allowing him to experiment and conceptualize before committing to full-scale works. During a visit to his studio, we were captivated by these intricate and essential models, finding inspiration in their role as the genesis of his larger creations. This edition is a tribute to this vital yet often overlooked element of his artistic process. Moreland’s work, a blend of sculpture and painting, defies easy categorization. His multi-paneled, largely monochromatic creations, crafted from wood, paint, and canvas-like materials, emphasize the experiential aspect of art. They invite viewers to engage with the art instinctively, responding to its structural dynamics, bold colors, and the spatial interplay rather than through intellectual analysis. In his own words, Moreland describes his maquette practice: “I started making the maquettes in 2015 to explore new ideas swiftly and economically. It allowed me the freedom to experiment with different techniques in my search for a new way of creating/painting without being confined to a flat surface. This process led to one of the most significant creative boosts I’ve experienced.” The edition at hand pays homage to these maquettes, highlighting Moreland’s exploration of form, color, and structure. Each piece in this edition is a testament to his innovative approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional painting and sculpture. Through this special edition, we aim to not only showcase Robert Moreland’s unique artistic vision but also to provide an intimate look at the foundational stages of his creative process, offering collectors and enthusiasts a deeper connection to his work and artistic journey