Louis Buhl & Co. is pleased to present BOOM, the first edition created by Ojai-based artist Gary Lang releasing on December 14th. Lang’s work is the result of a meditative yet meticulous process of pattern-evolution through movement, instinct, and physics. With a highly individual and intuitive sense of color and pattern, he manipulates hues to imbue his work with spirit and energy.

Composed of 25 pieces, the edition is a vibrant print on an aluminum panel. Says the artist: “The print is a succession of contrast and chance that amplifiy energy and finesse unity.” The process of mining familiar hues and patterns in a brand new way proved to be an enlightening experience that “opened up visual doors for [Lang.]” Through the many investigations in juxtaposition undertaken in achieving the final product, Lang had the opportunity to interact with color, light and form in an innovative manner that has served to expand his optical universe. Each piece comes ready to install with a custom hanging bracket attached to its back, this trait aiding Lang’s desire of producing a work of art that straddles painting and 3D object.