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We are currently looking for the right candidate to join our team as a Production Assistant. Visit POV.STUDIO for the full listing and all the details. Tag a friend. Tell a friend. We hope to fill this position soon. 🚀
New photo of our DTLA production studio courtesy of @gk_da / lots to be thankful for these days.
With our high res topographical scanning data we can print the finest structural texture details, down to subtle micro cracks in the varnish that we captured on this particular piece. Truly amazing.
Had a couple magical  breakthroughs this week. Something real special brewing here. More to come…
Rainbow Holographic Prints for @oversettext ✨
Textured UV Print on Sanded Birch with Spot Varnish // @viveros_brand for his Mania Exhibition at @thinkspace_art
Shooting some lasers through birch plywood for @dmccredo
We provide ultra sharp and color accurate high resolution scans of your artwork using the same technology utilized by The Library of Congress and the Vatican. Resulting output up to 1200 ppi including 3D topographical data that can be used to either reproduce the actual texture of the original or for a variety of digital applications.
Each of these massive prints had to be slowly and very carefully released from the bed of the printer without damaging the delicate deckled edge.