Earth Theory (12) antagonizes the ‘flat Earth’ theory that some ascribe to. On the contrary, the artist argues, “The Earth is spherical, but it surpasses that geometric constraint. It is, in fact, a cosmic body beyond general human understanding.” Featuring an automobile driving away into the distance, the image is bisected by a horizon line which functions doubly as the bottom of distant mountains and the point where treetops meet their trunks. Two crescent moons illuminate the purple sky and the bulbous path below, allowing multiple realities to coexist at the same time and place. For this series, Greenwald worked collaboratively with ART FOR CHANGE to explore printing techniques that imbue the editioned works with varying levels of physical texture, as well as replicate the undulating perimeter of the original work.

Regarding this philanthropic initiative of planting ten trees for every print sold, the artist adds, “Art is fundamental to human consciousness, and trees are fundamental to human life. If being a patron of art can affect the environment in a positive way, then we are existing in two separate realities at once.”