Bianca Fields introduces her first edition with us, Crescent Creased Lips, a compelling limited series of 30 prints on copper miri paper, accentuated with a gloss spot varnish. This artwork unfolds as a cosmic nightscape of darkness, where infinitude and rhythm collide in abstracted battles for coherence. As viewers navigate the thick, tumultuous strokes and shadowy figures, they encounter a series of emotions and attitudes that ripple through the piece, creating a transformative experience rooted in self-realization and tranquility.

In Crescent Creased Lips, Fields continues to explore her fascination with portraiture through the guise of animalistic forms, primarily the monkey which has become a significant element in her work. The focus on the mouth of the monkey, where Fields feels the core of her artistic expression comes to life, highlights the nuanced interplay of shadow and light, encapsulating the depth of her subjects.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1995 and currently based in Boston, MA, Fields has exhibited her work globally, including prominent venues like the Armory Show, Frieze Art Fair, and Ruttkowski;68. Her paintings blend pop cultural references with a personal narrative that challenges and redefines beauty and identity. Fields’s dynamic approach to painting—described by herself as “athletic”—captures the urgency and intensity of her creative process, making each stroke on the canvas an assertive assertion of presence.